20 Jul

Why you should try living in Thailand at least once in your life

When somebody told me recently that they had just come back from thailand, images from the second hangover flooded my mind. Drug dealing monkeys, criminal overlords and nights that will never be remembered all seemed like fitting traits of a trip to thailand. But what he told me was so far from what I had imagined in my head.

He told me about the temples, the monks, the nature trails and the sea. He told me that the reason for his trip was because he was thinking about buying a secondary property over there. Something that he can rent out during the winter months, and then go and stay there during the summer time. That really sparked my interest. I had often wondered about a secondary property, but never considered buying one in a foriegn country, especially one as exoctic as thailand!

After speaking over the course of a few days about the prospect of potentially buying a second home in thailand, he sent me a link to the website where he found a huge  list of properties in Ko Samui. After seeing the prices and how beautiful the houses were, it made complete sense to go and at least have a look.

On arrival in thailand I was warmly greeted by the airline staff. The weather was hot and what I saw from the plane, the sea was blue. I knew that this trip was purely business but it’s hard not delve into a little pleasure when you’re in paradise. Within hours, I was in my shorts lying on the beach soaking up the sun.

After one to many drinks, I hazily made my way towards my hotel room. I had a few hours before my meeting with the realtor, so I showered, shaved and sobered up. When we met, he took me to this huge house on the beach front, right next to where I was bathing in the sun. I was pretty much sold right there and then!